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At Katy Cares, we believe healing homelessness begins with the whole person. Every individual entering our home will have the opportunity to discover their unique purpose and embark on a challenging and rewarding journey towards hope for their future. Success from our program is obtained through each mother committing to the challenging process – from our rigorous educational advancement, intensive counseling and support groups to spiritual growth and making connections in the community. Each woman that graduates from her individualized program can proudly say she has persevered and made a choice to rise above.

Homelessness in Katy

  • There were 973 homeless students in Katy ISD according to Katy ISD official statistics report.
  • There are over 50 shelters and homes in the Houston and surrounding areas. However, Katy Cares is the only one currently serving our community.
  • 150+ children from Katy were bused in with Katy ISD’s privately contracted bus company from shelters and homes outside of the Katy area.
  • 80% of families experiencing homelessness are single mother families.

Katy Cares Community Partnerships:

Corporate & Foundation Partners

The Ballard Foundation

R5 Interactive

The Harry and Pam Chapman Foundation

The Finn Foundation

Church & Service Partners

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